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Portable Hyperbaric Chamber
Oxynova Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes

1.4 ATA Pressure
20″ x 80.7″ (50.8 cm x 204.98 cm)

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Oxynova Personnal Hyperbaric Chamber

1.4 ATA Pressure
28″ x 80.75″ (71 cm x 205 cm)

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Oxynova Hyperbaric Chamber for treatment & families

1.3 ATA Pressure
33″ x 90.75″ (84 cm x 231 cm)

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Oxynova Luxury Hyperbaric Chamber

1.3 ATA Pressure
36″ x 111″ (91 cm x 282 cm)

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Oxynova Hyperbaric Chamber for Athletes
Hyperbaric  for Superior

Athletic Performance

Hyperbaric  help athletes stay at the top of their game by speeding up muscle recovery from workouts, enhancing performance, relieving fatigue, and boosting the healing process for a whole array of injuries. For next-level performance!

The Ultimate and Safest Hyperbaric  for

Your Entire Family

Using hyperbaric  therapy at home is an extraordinary experience that not only promotes healing, but can substantially improve quality of life . You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it!

Oxynova Hyperbaric Chamber for families
Oxynova Hyperbaric Chamber for Welness Centers
Offer all the Benefits of Premium Hyperbaric  to

Your Customers

Thanks to quality hyperbaric , spas, fitness centres and physical therapy clinics can help customers cope with the effects of aging and stress, as well as raise their level of energy and concentration. An elite complement to your existing offerings!

The Most Reliable Hyperbaric



Meet high manufacturing standards to provide users with the ultimate in both safety and comfort.



Feature user-friendly and convenient operation in order to accommodate patients with medical conditions of all types.



Make use of medical grade and non-toxic materials for trustworthy and durable use.

hyperbaric chamber for home

About Us

As a worldwide leader of portable hyperbaric , we are committed to safety, performance and high-end quality. For many years, we have consistently delivered some of the top hyperbaric  on the market for treating an array of health issues. Satisfied customers across the world have trusted Oxynova to alleviate discomfort and suffering, while also improving their quality of life.

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We have built trusting relationships with dealers around the world so that you can enjoy access to the very best hyperbaric , wherever you may be.


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