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The Oxynova Series 7 hyperbaric  is our most popular 1.4 ATA and the most versatile. Compact on the outside, spacious and comfortable on the inside, this  model is ideal for your use at home and on the road.

SKU: XN-01-B-001

Ideal for Home and Traveling

The Oxynova Series 7 hyperbaric  is our most popular 1.4 ATA and the most versatile. Compact on the outside, spacious and comfortable on the inside, this chamber model is ideal for your use at home and on the road.

Its impeccable design, many manufacturing details, possibility of additional options, and highest-standard construction combine to make this hyperbaric  the best on the market.

Bladder and Cover

The thickest on the market (Teflon coated)! The housing reinforces the bladder, while adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Assembly method: double overlap 3.175 cm thermal fusion fabric welding and radio frequency welding.


Custom-design removable valve . Adjustment handle and pressure gauge are side by side.

Includes 1 blank valve for future upgrades. The position of the valves can be customized.


Two full length extra-rigid stabilizers.

Internal Frame

Stainless steel rings and rods with “quick connect” system.

Included Accessories

Oxynova Bag


Our Oxynova hyperbaric chamber comes with a custom travel bag for easy storage and transport, so you can bring your chamber where you need it, when you need it.


The premium urethane orthopedic mattress is equipped with a phthalate (chemical) free cover, delivering superior comfort as well as all-around safety.

Hyperbaric chamber compressor


Offering clean air supply, our 140 LPM valve compressor comes with a 9.5-foot laboratory grade hose along with two coupling connectors for flawless performance.

Hyperbaric chamber light


Our Series 7 hyperbaric features ambient lighting with built-in dimmer for comfort and reading in an enjoyable environment during mHBOT treatments.

Optionnal Accessories

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Additional information


Includes 1 blank valve for future upgrades


MMedical-grade high flow


140 L/min


Two full length extra-rigid stabilizers


Double-layered nylon


0.929 m3


Adds a layer of structure to the bladder (unique to our chambers); easy to clean and water repellent


71.12 x 205.1 cm


100% stainless steel


PVDF Teflon-coated; assembly method: double overlap 3.175 cm thermal fusion fabric welding and radio frequency welding


5-micron filter (optional .01 micron)


Laboratory-grade 2.696 m hose


Stainless steel “quick connect” system


100% stainless steel


20-year foam mattress cover; phthalate-free medical grade


2 custom pressure-relief valves; pressure adjustment handle


1 custom hyperbaric LED


8 psi


14.5 kg


8 self-inflating double layered 14 cm windows


5.7 psi


8 custom-design removable valves (unique to our chambers)


2 YKK special-order zippers

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    SUE TOM’s Testimonial Kidney Failure Enclosed is a personal reflection of the effect of HBOT on my overall health and well-being. My diagnosis is glomerular nephritis, a form of kidney disease, which I have been challenged with since the early 1980’s. Nephrologists have theorized that the original cause was the scarring of kidney tissue due to toxic overload caused by lithium, a prescription drug given to me to cope with Manic depression, which I have successfully under control with natural vitamin supplementation listed below. Currently, I go to dialysis 3 days a week at the Richmond Dialysis Unit. The following is documentation of how I was before and after HBOT. Briefly, I will describe how I came to this current diagnosis of kidney disease and what my recommendations are as I have observed from personal experience. I was diagnosed in my teens as having Hashimoto’s disease, a form of genetic anemia and hypothyroid, an hormonal balance aggravated by a diet of soda pop, and potato chips, which therefore set the seed for the current diagnosis, hypoglycemia. I believe this sugar imbalance aggravated the seeds of manic depression, a chemical imbalance within the brain which later became more evident in the later teens, early 20’s. Lithium was prescribed, which I proceeded to take for the next 15 years. When I reached my 30’s, a toxic build up occurred which may have been due to not enough monitoring of blood levels and lack of drinking enough water to aid the kidneys in clearing of this substance. This has not been proven nor disproven. As a result then, it was discovered that my renal function had seriously been impaired. After a kidney biopsy, the best educated guess, is that the lithium scarred the glomerular tissue of the kidneys and the prognosis was that a natural progression of the inflammation would occur and that end-stage renal failure would occur. Over the next 10 years, with a vegetarian diet, and lifestyle change, I was able to forestall dialysis until the age of 45. I firmly believe, that had I known about HBOT (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy), I would not probably even need dialysis now and that the possibility of renal function recovery could have occurred at the onset of discovery of this current condition, that of kidney disease. For I know of individuals who, with the levels of creatinine (level of toxin in the body) that I have had (about 300), have experienced return of function in their kidneys. Two years ago, I came to the Richmond Hyperbaric Health Centre, where Florence Woo and her staff have greatly helped me to gain back a measure of my health where I now enjoy more energy, no depression, and more restful sleep, better appetite and strength and agility of movement. The following is a summary in point form of symptoms before the series of HBOT treatments and afterwards. Please note, in comparison to other dialysis patients who are quite fatigued, many with a lack of interest in life, experiencing depression over their situation, movement is slow, low appetite, experience sleeplessness and need to recover from the effects of dialysis the next day I am quite the opposite. I am able to maintain a positive attitude, very agile in movement, good appetite, sleep well, and ready to go following treatment the next day. I continue to meditate, dance and do Tai-chi every morning and walks each evening. Currently I am enrolled in a correspondence course to become a Holistic Nutritionist. I know that this abundance of energy is due to my sessions in the Hyperbaric chamber. I believe, also, that the HBOT works in synchronicity with my supplementation and enhances alternative modalities. I have found that an integrative approach of allopathic, naturopathic, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other alternative modalities and definitely Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is the ultimate program for wellness. In conclusion, compared to how I was before I came to the clinic, I am profoundly moved by the fact, that I currently greatly enjoy having a life with a sense of purpose. Also, to experience the Abundance found in guiding others to be aware of their ability to have control and choice in the matter of their own health challenges. This is the joy I have in my life and now is my passion to share from my experiences in regards to Holistic approaches to food, lifestyle, alternative modalities and exercise. So, thank-you Florence, and also to your staff for always being present to my needs and always, always ready to support me with encouragement whenever I needed this. Take care. Have a great day! Sincerely, Sue Before having sessions with HBOT, these are following symptoms l observed:. Depression. Fatigue. Easily tired. Irregular sleep patterns. Jaundiced appearance in skim tone on body and face. Weak, brittle nails with discolouration & ridges. Mental Confusion. Weakness ill agility in walking, running without being out of breath, not possible After 40 sessions of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, the following are the noticeable changes.. More energy. Stronger Nails and Hair. Depression gone. Sleep patterns: more regular and lengthier, from 6-8 hours. Supplementation works more efficiently. Noticeable difference in with and without HBOT in combination with alternative modalities. Increases effectiveness of dialysis, less detrimental after effects. Clearer thinking: more grounded and balanced. Emotional state improved: highs and lows are more easily modulated Walking and running without effort and without loss of breath

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