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The Oxynova Series 8 hyperbaric  is our flagship product—the most popular and the most versatile. Compact on the outside, spacious and comfortable on the inside, this model is ideal for your use at home and on the road.

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Ideal for Home

The Oxynova Series 8 hyperbaric  is our flagship product—the most popular and the most versatile. Compact on the outside, spacious and comfortable on the inside, this model is ideal for your use at home and on the road.

Its impeccable design, many manufacturing details, possibility of additional options, and highest-standard construction combine to make this hyperbaric  the best on the market.

Bladder and Cover

The thickest on the market (Teflon coated)! The housing reinforces the bladder, while adding to its aesthetic appeal.

Assembly method: double overlap 3.175 cm thermal fusion fabric welding and radio frequency welding.


Custom-design removable valve . Adjustment handle and pressure gauge are side by side.

Includes 2 blank valves for future upgrades. The position of the valves can be customized.


Two full length extra-rigid stabilizers.

Internal Frame

Stainless steel rings and rods with “quick connect” system.

Included Accessories

Oxynova Bag


Our Oxynova hyperbaric chamber comes with a custom travel bag for easy storage and transport, so you can bring your chamber where you need it, when you need it.


The premium urethane orthopedic mattress is equipped with a phthalate (chemical) free cover, delivering superior comfort as well as all-around safety.

Hyperbaric chamber compressor


Offering clean air supply, our 140 LPM valve compressor comes with a 9.5-foot laboratory grade hose along with two coupling connectors for flawless performance.

Hyperbaric chamber light


Our Series 7 hyperbaric  features ambient lighting with built-in dimmer for comfort and reading in an enjoyable environment during mHBOT treatments.

Optionnal Accessories

Oxygen Concentrator

DeVilbiss 5-liter oxygen concentrator.

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Includes 2 blank valves for future upgrades


Medical-grade high flow


140 L/min


Two full length extra-rigid stabilizers


Double-layered nylon


1,290 m3


Adds a layer of structure to the bladder (unique to our chambers); easy to clean and water repellent


230.5 cm x 83.82 cm


100% stainless steel


PVDF Teflon-coated; assembly method: double overlap 3.175 cm thermal fusion fabric welding and radio frequency welding


5-micron filter (optional .01 micron)


Laboratory-grade 2.696 m hose


Stainless steel “quick connect” system


100% stainless steel


20-year foam mattress cover; phthalate-free medical grade


2 custom pressure-relief valves; pressure adjustment handle


2 custom LEDs


5.7 psi


18 kg


8 self-inflating double layered 14 cm windows


4.3 psi


10 custom-design removable valves (unique to our chambers)


3 YKK special-order zippers

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Dian’s Experience with HBOT following her Father’s Stroke

    Throughout his lifetime, my daddy loved to be with people. His jobs as a route salesman and then in customer service at 89 years old were perfect for him. He was a TSSAA basketball and football official for many years, who taught me life lessons through sports analogies. He was a person who stood up for others. That’s why it hurt so much when his ability to relate to others started to slip away as he neared his 90th birthday.

    He was found collapsed in the kitchen floor at his home in July 1998. We prayed and waited at his bedside to see what his mental state would be if and when he gained consciousness after such a trauma. At his age, we wondered hopefully just how much awareness we could wish for.

    At last, he opened his eyes and we told him where he was and how long he had been unconscious. With his dentures taken out and his tongue a little swollen from dehydration, we had to struggle to translate his first request. He said “Did McGwire hit any more home runs?!!” Oh yes, Daddy, thankfully, was back!

    Remembering that triumphant re-entry into our world, it was so sad later to see him slip into times when he didn’t feel like talking — when he might be angry for no apparent reason or when he might not know me.
    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy took all those problems away. Any caregiver can understand the blank look that comes with the beginning of dementia. In the HBOT chamber, as Daddy and the technician inside relaxed through that first treatment, I peeped hopefully into the chamber in Nashville. As I watched, the technician said to him, “Wave at your daughter,” and pointed to the porthole from within.
    I could tell a difference in the look on his face at that moment, just 30 minutes into the first treatment.

    Not everything went so smoothly. The four-hour-round-trip drives every day for the entire month of July 2000 were very tiring for both of us. He received two treatments each day then we drove home and started all over again the next day.

    But the improvements were obvious in just about a week. There was no more confusion, and his skin took on a more colorful glow. We lost some ground physically because we were in the car so much, but he quickly caught up with some physical therapy and responded much better than with PT earlier. His appetite was better than ever and his sweet sense of humor returned.

    In short, I got my Daddy back! Because he was able to understand directions and make decisions for himself, discuss choices, he was able to stay in his own home for the rest of his life. He only needed to be hospitalized two times from that point. He said the hyperbaric therapy “kept his batteries charged.”

    Daddy died in January of 2004 at 92. We had watched the Super Bowl together the weekend before. He enjoyed having friends and family come to visit. Right up to the afternoon before he died in his sleep, he had a great visit with his sister and nephews. He shared supper with us, watched a little TV and went to bed . . . and just didn’t wake up.

    Thanks to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy my father lived his last days with dignity and enjoyment of each day. He had no pain or confusion. Most importantly, those of us who were fortunate to be his friends and family had quiet and coherent days to pay special honor and appreciation to him. It meant his grandchildren’s memories of him are of a sweet, smart, loving and jolly gentleman that they enjoyed being with right up to the end.

    We’re grateful for today’s peace, made possible by those last quality years with him. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy allowed Daddy to “stay in the game” right up to the last play.

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