Get Started

1 – Open all boxes (compare with checklist)
2 – Place bolsters where you wish to install the chamber (attach Velcro straps together)
3 – Unfold chamber on the bolsters (centered)
4 – Unzip the zippers
5 – Install frame inside the chamber (quick connect)
6 – Install pressure gauge outside the chamber (to install pressure gauge inside the chamber, unscrew the small black screw on the opposite side of the outer gauge, then install gauge)
7 – Install black muffler inside the chamber at the compressor inlet port
8 – Install stainless steel oxygen connector (inside the chamber) at the auxiliary inlet port

9 – Install mattress
10 – Prepare compressor (remove all transport straps)
11 – Install compressor filter and hose from the compressor to the chamber (compressor inlet port)
12 – Re-zip the zippers and close manual pressure relief valve
13 – Plug in the compressor to start inflation
14 – Reposition the bolster if necessary
15 – Before using the chamber, read instruction manual

PDF files

Client checklist               Valve position for all models                 Instruction manual

Install frame inside the chamber

Series 7 and Series 8


From inside the chamber




Series 9 frame



Tell the difference between inner and outer pressure gauges

Install cooler (fill with ice and water)


PDF file

Cooler installation guide

Install compressor